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In 1979 Bob and Susan moved out to a farm house , with an old pony barn and 10 acres of open land. Bob worked at Raytheon Aircraft and Susan was going to school to become a teacher. Bob planted some milo and hay, but soon learned that 10 acres wasn't enough to become a farmer. They talked about how to make extra money to help with the cost of raising their two children, who at the time were only 7 and 5.

In the spring of 1980 Bob planted his first crop of Christmas trees. They came up with the name Windy Knoll Farm as Susan felt they were on top of a knoll with the wind constantly blowing! The first year they opened their office was out of the breezeway that connected the garage to their house. 

They soon built another pony barn, a small shed and with time, a large shed to house an office and a place to store the needed farm equipment that they had slowly accumulated, however the office did not have heat or a working bathroom for the first few years that they were open.

In 1996 Bob expanded his business by purchasing a tree spade that allowed him the opportunity to begin moving trees from our property to yours. He also started planting more landscaping trees, such as: Sugar Gum, different varieties of Maples and assorted others.


In 2001 the office was repainted and a small assortment of gifts to purchase became available. 2010 saw the office get a new face lift while 2011 became the year we built a barrel train (all aboard the Windy Knoll Express!!!) and in 2015 an addition to the office was necessary to handle the increased customer needs.

Windy Knoll continues to look for ways to improve the farm experience including adding photo opportunities such as an antique wagon and other staged areas in the trees.

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